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Validator (Smart Card incl. EMVco Payment incl. Barcode)


  • We offer on-board validators processing smart card or barcode tickets.
  • The validator can easily interfaced to the vehicle infrastructure or vehicle computer via Ethernet. A vehicle can be equipped with one or more validators. If several validators are installed, one validator or the on-board computer takes over the communication between the vehicle and the back office system.
  • The data communication to the back office is done via the validator or the vehicle computer via mobile communication (GPRS, UMTS, LTE).
  • We offer several types of passenger use cases like smart card or bar-code ticket inspection, ticket sales, multi-ride, stored value, post paid schemas (account based ticketing) up to check-in-check-out.
  • The systems can operated both together with a ticket sales machine / vehicle computer or autonomous.
  • Additionally we provide portable devices for inspectors or service personal, which can check smart card based or barcode tickets.

Ticket Handling

  • Smart Cards (white list, hot list, media validity, product validity, zone- and time based validity ...)
  • Paper Tickets or Smartphone Tickets (Barcode Tickets)
  • Ticket Inspection, Ticket Sales, Ticket Blocking
  • Multi-ride Tickets, Pre-paid and Post-paid (Account Based Ticketing) Schemas
  • Check-in-Check-out
  • EMV Payments

Ticket Media

  • Smart card tickets
  • Barcode tickets

Passenger Interface

  • 5,7 Inch TFT-Passenger-Display
  • Option Touch-Screen
  • Several Indication Lights (RGB)
  • Loudspeaker

Smart Card Reader

  • ISO 14443 Type A and B et cetera
  • four SAM slots ISO-001
  • for different national standards
  • EMV contactless Level 1 certified
  • EMV contactless Level 2 (Mastercard / Maestro & VISA & Amex) certified
  • PCI-PTS POI V5.1 certified
  • ready for Apple Pay™ & Google Pay™ ...

Barcode Imager

  • for 1D and 2D barcodes

Various Interfaces

  • Autonomous via WLAN, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE/5G or
  • via the vehicle infrastructure via LAN (Ethernet)


This is our standard validator model which we offer since end of 2017. This model is compatible with various of our previously used models. This means that the same existing validator holder (cradle) can be used and the new device is pin-compatible to the previous models.

-> Datasheet download


Additionally we offer a smaller validator version. The functionalities - smart card and barcode ticket processing - of the smaller version are identical to the standard version with the exception of limited interface possibilities because of the smaller housing.

-> Datasheet download

EMVco - Contactless Debit and Credit Card Payment

First projects for public transport companies already had been implemented. The certificate numbers are:

EMVCo Level 1
Certificate number: 16719 0919 260 26b 26b CETI

EMVCo Level 2 Mastercard
Certificate number: TTAS-EMSY200101-CEG-2002-T043

EMVCo Level 2 VISA
Certificate number: CDEMSY01715

EMVCo Level 2 Amex
Certificate number: 31.146.CTC.EMV3000.200130

EMVCo Level 2 Discover

Certificate number: 4-40284



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