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Integrated Solution with AFC, ITC (vehicle tracking) and RTPI


On-board computers with ticket printers and validators are installed at the vehicles. Paper ticktes are issued and smart card (plastic cards and ultralight) and barcode tickets are processed. Payments are possible with cash or card (EMVco).

Communication with the dispatcher takes place via the ITC function (vehicle tracking) and the RTPI displays in the vehicles are controlled. Communication to the back office system takes place via mobile data communication.

Point of Sale (Kiosk)

Paper tickets or smart card tickets (Ultralight) are issued at the company's own points of sale and (plastic) smart cards are administered for the subscribers. Payments are possible with cash or card. Communication to the back office is done via mobile data communication.

Real-time Passenger Information

Stationary real time passener information displays are connected via mobile data communication and passenger information at the WWW completes the system.

Back Office

The back office system is used for system administration and monitoring by the sales department including subscription office, the dispatchers office, the timetable / planning department and the workshops.

The back office is cloud-based, i.e. we take care of the server administration. Access to the back office is purely browser-based via any end device (PC, notebook, tablet) without additional client software on the end device.

The back office interfaces with other systems such as sales accounting, external sales points, the service teams / inspectors equipped with handhelds, the RTPI system and the PSP.


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